Optometry Services

An optometrist tests a man to see what prescription he needs for glasses.
An optometrist performs an eye exam on a man.
An optometrist tests a child to see what prescription he needs for glasses.
A woman in putting on her contacts.


Medical Optometrist in Los Angeles, California

Dr. Cucher Optometry is your reliable and all-inclusive optometry practice in Los Angeles. Experience diverse services, from cataracts and glaucoma evaluation to contact lens fittings and expert treatment for eye infections and allergies, all delivered with unparalleled professionalism and expertise.

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Cataract Testing

Step into clarity with our cataract testing service, offering precise and thorough eye examinations that swiftly detect and diagnose cataracts, paving the way for timely and effective intervention.

glaucoma vision

Glaucoma Testing

Eyesight protection is our priority with the glaucoma testing service. Detect & monitor glaucoma with our comprehensive testing, ensuring early identification & effective management.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Experience complete vision and eye health assessment with our extensive exams, guaranteeing top-tier care and crystal-clear sight.

contact lenses exam

Contact Lenses & Eyeglasses

We fit all lenses - glasses, and contacts - catering to your unique needs, from dry eye and astigmatism to bifocal solutions. Find the perfect fit for your eyes.

eye infection treatment

Expert Eye Care & Treatment

We specialize in the treatment of eye infections, inflammation, and allergies, providing expert care to restore the health of your eyes.

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Laser Vision Consultation

Experience laser vision's future with our consultation and co-management services, receiving expert guidance throughout the transformative process.